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Well grab a cup of tea and
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enjoy the ride.

There’s lots to explore.
Welcome to my photography website.
By way of introduction, I'm Neal, a full-time Creative Director working in London, and also a passionate portrait photographer and artist.

I love to travel, chat with the people I meet, and capture their stories in a way that makes you feel that you're right there with me.

Every year my lovely missus very kindly agrees to let me off the leash for a week to travel with my camera.

For her, the thought of following me, following my nose, suddenly stopping and turning back because I need to grab a shot that I knew I'd kick myself for not getting, or me literally stopping in the street for a quick chat with complete strangers, fills her with dread!

She would describe herself to our friends as being a photography widow. Far better that I just go off by myself.

Sorry babe, but I hope you like the pictures.
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